Feed the children

To feed the children does not simply mean to give them physical food.  Food, while obviously essential, is only the first step in supporting children.  A child who is provided nourishment but deprived of human touch, love, attention and emotional support withers on the vine.

Be aware

Be aware of your words to and around children.  While their bodies may be small, their range of understanding is far greater than we big people can imagine.  Children, especially the youngest, feel more than the words that are said.  They have not as yet been discouraged from using senses that receive vibrational messages.  While our words may be saying “I love you,” our vibration may be saying something totally different.  Be aware of that.

All American Soap Box Derby

Right now I am in route to Akron, Ohio to be part of the 81st running of this iconic event which brings children and families from around the globe to compete for the title of the worlds best driver.  Even though this sport requires a high level of commitment from parents, I still observe some parents who are more interested in winning that what it means to the child.  Children want to please parents, and they feel the underlying vibrational message their team is expressing.  To parents/guardians/mentors of children in all sports I urge you to be aware of what you are saying beyond words.  Do you believe the time spent in competition is for the child, or is it a babysitting activity?  Are they getting the bigger lesson of committing to success or is it simply another activity to check off the list.  Believe me, they know.  

The larger picture

You may think my books are simply intended to help you, however, putting into practice what I write about will impact your children for the better as well.  Do yourself a favor, and your child a favor as well, read any and all of my books to help feed your children.

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