The limit of your ability

What is the limit of your ability?  This is one of the areas where we fall short almost every day. We underestimate just how much we can learn, do and feel.   Excuses The true issue is not our ability to learn, to grow or to love, the issue is we simply don’t want to […]

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Get intimate with your power

Get intimate with my power?  Are you saying what I think you are saying?  Probably not, but it got your attention. Getting intimate What I mean is, get to know your personal power so you can use it to your advantage.  You are using that power anyway, why not use it to get what you

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In memory of…

This Monday we in the U.S. will be in memory of those who have died for our country; Memorial Day.  This holiday may go back as far as ancient Greece, at least the idea of recognizing those who have fallen in service to their countries.  As for America, 1866 is the first recognized observance, and

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Setting your goals

What are your goals for 2018?  Have you set your goals on becoming a better leader?  Will you become a more effective supporter?  Will you organize gatherings that will impact the world?  Is your goal to be a more active member of the chorus?  Every role has an important impact on our world.  What good

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Am I Being Tested?

My car won’t start, I am late for work, the coffee machine broke, I lost the key to the restroom, the client cancelled, my afternoon went in the dumper, I don’t have the money to pay the bills.  Am I being tested?  Is someone or something trying to find out just how much I can

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Nothing can come from nothing; everything must come from something, so when we say “that came out of nowhere” we are mistaken.  If we say “I had nothing to do with that experience coming into my life,” we are mistaken.  Everything must come from something, so what would that something be?  That something is our

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No, nothing glib in this blog, suicide is a very serious experience in so many lives.  For the person who finds themselves sitting at the precipice of life or suicide the world is a very empty place.   This person believes the world will be better off with out them, and that further more, no one will care if they

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Those darned resolutions

Over the years I have watched with joy the influx of people just after the new year to the Gym where I work out.  Most come for a week, some stay for a month, but far and away the greatest number of people give up on their resolution of getting in shape, or shedding those

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Perfection or Excellence?

The Rayne Water shop near my home posts great thought starters on their message board along the freeway, and this was a recent post: “Don’t Strive For Perfection, Strive For Excellence.”  What a great realization this can be; if each and every time we so something we strive for excellence.  Only excellence you ask? Well

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