Living in success (or living in failure)

It is one of the great truisms of life that where we give our attention will grow.  If we give our attention to things which have worked well, sometimes even better than we expected, we have a positive outlook on life.  Conversely, if we dwell upon things which have not gone as we hoped; our outlook on life, our view of ourselves, tends toward the negative.  At no time does this suggest we delude ourselves or deny that sometimes things are not going as we hoped, it is only to remind us that success begets success.

What this realization calls us to do is to take honest stock of our lives, to live an IN-powered life.  If you are like me, when things seem to be getting uncomfortable, sometimes writing down what feels unsuccessful is a good start.  Once you do that, ask yourself what you might do to turn this around.  No idea is too far fetched, simply write; editing and action steps will come later.  The simple act of writing down these thoughts, or discussing them with a confidant who will support you in finding ways to overcome the issue will help you live more in success than in failure.  It is only when we think there is no way out of our situation that we begin to think in terms of failure.  So many great inventors have noted that in the development process the first attempt, the second attempt, the hundredth attempt may not produce the desired results, but each attempt is one step closer to success.

Where we give our attention grows; if we give our attention to possibility, possibility grows.  If we give our attention to success, success grows, it is that simple.

The Involved Observer