Closing the Chapter

OK, we have had over a week in 2016 to re-start those things which seemed to have stalled in 2015 but for some of us that re-start has not happened.  Why?  Because we have not let go of 2015 and all the things which happened there.  If we are to make a fresh start; if we are to move ahead free of the burdens of the past we must close the chapter.

How does this work?  Simply look at where you are stuck.  Remind yourself that no matter what happened in the past we are in the NOW and that a fresh start is possible.  If plan A has not worked, allow plan A.1 to come forward.  If we have pissed-off someone in our lives in the past, make amends NOW, and close that chapter.  If we have not gotten that new job or pay raise, remind yourself that NOW is when we begin to set the stage for that pay raise or new job.  If we insist on living in the past we cannot move into the future. 

In my book Think Believe Receive, three steps to an amazing life I have an entire chapter on two very powerful words, which when used, will help change everything which has become a road block: Until Now.

Until Now I have been stuck in this job, Until Now I have not had a loving relationship, a promotion has eluded me Until Now.  How powerful and freeing these two words are; Until Now.  This opens the gates to possibility and advancement.

I see that Amazon has been a little slow in filling orders for Think Believe Receive, so if you have tried to get one on-line without success, drop me a line at Choicefullivingseminars and I will fill your order from my supply, but by all means begin your freedom where you have been stuck Until Now!  

Think Believe Receive