Track your progress

Want to supercharge your life?  Keep track of your progress.

We often loose sight of the things we have accomplished because there is no record of what we have done along the way to remind us of those accomplishments.  This lack of reminders can lead us to believe we live each day for no real reason, but when we can look back at what we have done, what we have thought,what we have accomplished, then we can see that we are indeed in a forward motion and not standing still.  

How frustrating it is to get the feeling we are just spinning our wheels.  Yet with just a few lines in a journal or on a calendar to remind us that on January 2 we felt this and on January 4 that feeling passed, or that on this date we learned such and such, and that date we met so and so. These notes do not have to be very detailed to remind us that we are making progress, but I have found that as I use this technique I have tended to make progressively more detailed notes about pivotal days in my life.  Sometimes I don’t know they are pivotal until after the fact, so I can go back and make an additional note of my progress anytime.

Even as I write this blog I have gone back to the small journal I keep nearby and added a very important note.  I know the resistance to a journal, I had it for a long time, but when I dropped my resistance, I have found the process of making little notes along the way kind of fun!  And, it has been a great way to track my own progress.

The Involved Observer