Living small

There are many people around us who would prefer if we lived our lives quietly, not rocking their boat, not allowing ourselves to be who we are.  These folks are full of “kindly” advice about how we should live, think and do.  We bless these people and move around them because living small is not for our benefit, it is for their benefit.

If we live large, enjoy life, explore what we are called to be and do these folks feel uncomfortable because somewhere inside themselves they hear the same call, but are afraid to step out and try.  I we dare to live life fully it is a reminder to them they are not being true to themselves and that is uncomfortable for them.  On the other hand, if we hear the call to further our education, take courses to enhance our working life, dare to offer our time to support others, we get a tremendous boost in our lives.  We seem to have more energy, we find that even though these things take time, we actually feel as if we have more time all around, not less!

You were born to explore your own greatness, not hide it under a bushel basket. No one can force you to live small, it is purely your choice.  Where you live, what you do for a living, who your boss is, none of these things makes you live small, so if you understand this, why have you not gotten out there and expressed yourself fully yet?  What about that book you want to write, the poetry which is singing in you, how about that adventure you have always wanted to do?  This is 2016, this is YOUR time.

The Involved Observer`