Freedom means different things to us each moment.  At one moment it may be freedom to be where we want when we want, at other moments freedom means the ability to choose our spiritual path, and on and on.

I would like to propose another idea of freedom; the freedom to walk our paths without the baggage of other peoples ideas defining who we should be.  We often think we are doing the right thing making choices based upon what will serve others.  Service is indeed a wonderful thing to do, but when service calls upon us to be less than we are meant to be, it is no longer service, it is bondage.

Marianne Williamson writes “it is not our shortcomings which frighten us, it is our power which frightens us.”  We often choose to do things which hold us in place because the known is comfortable.  To make changes, to step out in freedom and explore just how powerful we are is not comfortable.  Exploring our own greatness often means releasing the definition of ourselves which others have provided us.  To step out in freedom we do not have to sever ties with others, we must instead re-connect with the power to define ourselves which has been with us all along.

Freedom to live our lives differently than we have in the past, freedom to travel to new places, to release the dependency upon the known and comfortable, freedom to try new foods, live in new places; freedom to redefine what it is to be us.

To live in the power we each have is true freedom.  This is a new year; are you ready to explore your own power?  Are you ready to live your life fully, to let your dreams come true?  Are you ready to be free?  Your greatness calls, it is your freedom.

The Involved Observer