Am I Being Tested?

My car won’t start, I am late for work, the coffee machine broke, I lost the key to the restroom, the client cancelled, my afternoon went in the dumper, I don’t have the money to pay the bills.  Am I being tested?  Is someone or something trying to find out just how much I can handle?

Well, yes there is a test going on, of sorts, but as my friend Ashtar said to me today, “the test is an illusion.”  You see, the Universe, or God, or Spirit is not testing your resolve, or patience, or skills, it doesn’t work that way.  It is YOU who is administering the tests of yourself!

We are looking for confirmation that we are truly and completely supported, guided and loved by the Universe.  All these things are true; we are completely supported, guided and loved but we sometimes seem to want to test not that we are supported, guided and loved, rather we are testing ourselves to see if we can accept those gifts.  The test is an illusion because we are looking for confirmation.  The ironic part is that sometimes we get so caught up in the testing cycle we forget to stop testing and simply accept the evidence of this love.  The Universe always comes through for us in exactly the way we anticipate it coming through; if we expect to experience success, that is what we get.  If we anticipate failure and more trials, that is exactly what we get.

What we can do to break this endless test cycle is to stop and appreciate what we have been given, how completely we are supported, how endlessly love is demonstrated.

When we stop and count our blessings we give ourselves time to appreciate that support and love.  Let’s do that right now, shall we?  Then read Think Believe Receive.

Think Believe Receive