Looking for a miracle

Are you looking for a miracle right now?  Where are you looking?  Do you think the age of miracles has passed? Take a moment and think about that breath you just took.  The air comes in your face, goes to your lungs and oxygenates your blood.  If you just put air in your blood it would kill you, but through the miracle of our body that same air nurtures us.  Thats a miracle.

What about the trees all around us which take in dirty air and purifies that air to something we can drink.  To me that is a miracle.  If you dismiss that process as just a scientific process of nature, perhaps you are not looking at miracles clearly.

Albert Einstein, who has more than enough credentials in the science department is quoted as saying “either everything is a miracle, or nothing is a miracle.”

The thing about miracles is that they are so common we overlook them, so when we find ourselves in a position where only a miracle can help, we forget they are all around us.  We dismiss everyday miracles as chance, serendipity, golden opportunities, kismet or even dumb luck, and when we dismiss miracles we diminish our lives to little more than time served.

Miracles are part of our everyday experience.  How much richer we are when we choose to really see them as they come into our lives, do their magic, and say “thank you” to whomever or whatever you think responsible.  How you view your life is about no one but you.  Life can be mundane, or a mind-blowing journey simply depending upon how you choose to see it.

I invite you to look further into how you determine what your life looks like by reading It’s All About Me.

The Involved Observer