Few emotions rob us of our sense of well-being more than the feeling of powerlessness.  When we feel we are not in control of our lives, when we feel we have no choice about what we are doing we loose our identity.  But there is good news, you always have a choice.

Having choice in our lives means we look at our options, then make a decision.  Sometimes what we are faced with seems to be a question of finding the “lesser evil” and making that selection, but still there is choice.  We weigh what we know might be the consequences of our actions as best we can from the perspective of this moment.  We can do nothing more, but we always have a choice about our words, our actions, and our thoughts.  We can do nothing about what someone else might think of our choices because we are not in control of other peoples thoughts.

There is a distinct advantage to knowing we are at choice; when things turn out well we know we were an active part of the decision making.  Should things turn out to be less than we hoped we can look ourselves in the eyes and know we gave it our best shot.  The distinct disadvantage to feeling we do not have a choice is we loose our sense of power. We begin to believe we are at the whim of the world.  

At Choiceful Living Seminars this is one of the things we focus our workshops upon; the realization of how powerful we are as individuals.  Once we let go of the idea we are mere pawns in life, we can begin to create as the wonderful, powerful individuals we are.  Now that is a great place to be!

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