Take a deep breath!

Is the world closing in on you?  Are things happening too quickly to keep track?  Do you feel like you just want to scream sometimes?  Take a deep breath!

Every interaction we have is based in vibration.  Some people come to us with vibrations so powerful they can overwhelm us; sometimes it is just that there are so many vibrations coming at us we get overwhelmed.  This is the time to give ourselves a gift; the gift of a nice deep breath.  This is more than an old wives tale, taking a deep breath is a spiritual practice as well.  A deep breath is like hitting the reset button on an electronic device.  The deep breath gives us a moment to go back inside ourselves, to release the tension which comes as a result of so much energy coming at us.  Breathing awareness is the first step in most meditative practices because the simple action of stepping back, feeling your own body, momentarily focusing on your own energy helps us rid ourselves of the feeling of disconnect.  This centering activity is both physically and emotionally a stress reliever.  Do you doubt this?  Right now stop reading this and take a deep breath; listen to the air move through your mouth into your lungs; feel the activity of the body as your lungs expand, then release the breath slowly.  Do this two or three times, I will wait.


Should you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, spiraling into a frenzy, when the people around you are getting on your last nerve, follow Dr. Brians prescription.  Reconnect with yourself.  Fair warning though getting in touch with your peaceful self can be addictive!  Who knows, you might find yourself so addicted that you will not go into another meeting, take another call or react to something without taking a deep breath first.  There are worse things!

The Involved Observer