Our memories are fiction

Yes, our memories are fiction; fiction created by our minds to reconcile our experiences with our ability to perceive.  When I think back to my early childhood I have a limited number of memories.  I remember wandering free in our neighborhood, going to the Swan Boats in Boston with a neighbor, watching Godzilla on a 12″ round black and white TV screen and several others, but lets look at these three for examples.


Wandering free: yes I did wander by myself through the neighborhood, but my memories do not include any perception of my parents concern.  Yes I did go to the Swan Boats in Boston with a neighbor, but I had no perception of what it took to make that possible.  Yes I did watch Godzilla on a 12″ round TV black and white TV and my recollection was that the movie was very bloody, but that was because I lost my first tooth that night.  You see, my memories correspond to both the emotion attached to the events and my own capacity at the time to understand what was going on.

Memory and objectivity have little in common.  Every story we have in our memories is an interpretation of an event therefore memory is very subjective.  

How does this effect our lives today?  This reminder calls us to question every pre-conceived notion we have, from what we like to eat to our expectations of other people, and even ourselves.   When we question our own ability to do something it is a memory of another experience when we adopted the idea we had some type of limitation and our memories are fiction.  You can accomplish anything you set your mind to do if you are willing to release limitation memories and step into your unlimited truth.  All you  have to do is Think, Believe, Receive.

Think Believe Receive