Healing begins with the heart

When the heart is present clearly in ourselves it flavors all things we do.  Everything.

On our recent trip my lady and I stopped into a restaurant for our mid day meal.  Each of us ordered simple dishes; Terrie a Cesar Salad, I ordered a hamburger.  It took over 25 minutes for our food to arrive and during that time we noticed the cook shuffling around the kitchen area clearly not happy with having to prepare an order during a time he would normally be on break.  What was brought to our table was food, but only food.  You see the cooks heart was not in his work, there was no passion for what he was doing and the food, the product of his labors was just stuff.

You and I do exactly the same thing when we undertake our work; if our heart is not in the task what is produced is simply a product; there is no life in that product.  The energy of the heart is what differentiates between just stuff and something special.  If you think back over projects you have undertaken I think you can identify when your heart was really in something and when it wasn’t.  Even our work is a healing process; a healing process for our trading our time for money, a healing process for those who are our customers too.

The Minister who is more focused on the process does not bring their heart to the message, the Police Officer who does not bring their heart to their job is just walking through the process, the writer who is just filling the page without heart, cannot fill their audience with their love and passion for their message.

Stand in love, touch each other in love, work in love and healing takes place, it’s that simple. 

Think Believe Receive