Chasing Time

I don’t know how many hours I have wasted worrying about time.  Worrying about then I will get there, where the waiter is, why my order has not arrived, and will anyone come back on the line when I am calling for support. Yes, it is indeed wasted energy because the truth is things will happen when they happen and that will always be at the right and perfect time.

Just yesterday I got all in a tither because I wanted to be home in 45 minutes but I was in a place I figured would take me at least an hour and a quarter.  Honestly it took some effort to not speed or drive in a reckless manner, but I did it, looking at my watch all the way, of course.  As it turned out I arrived in 44 minutes.  What a waste of my energy all that worry was!  

My impatience at waiters has put a damper on an otherwise beautiful evening out; I have arrived at my destination tied in knots because I was so concerned about the clock which put a damper on whatever I was planning on doing.  My friend Ashtar refers to the clock as our “God.”  And he is so right.  We place the clock ahead of our personal enjoyment of the moment.  But all is not lost.  Once we become aware of getting sideways about time we can take a breath, a nice long breath to re-set ourselves. (I will be doing a blog about breath soon, so keep watching.) As we re-set ourselves we can become aware of possible alternate routes, become more aware of our surroundings, and even in the midst of what seems to be a time crunch we can find a more restful and peaceful place, which in turn makes our lives so much better. 

The Involved Observer