The limit of your ability

What is the limit of your ability?  This is one of the areas where we fall short almost every day. We underestimate just how much we can learn, do and feel.  


The true issue is not our ability to learn, to grow or to love, the issue is we simply don’t want to take the time.  We make excuses that sound good, but in the end are simply excuses.  We simply don’t want to try.  You might say it’s fear that keeps us from living up to our ability; fear of failure, but when it comes down to it, that is an excuse as well.


The simple difference between someone who succeeds and someone who watches the parade from the sidelines is that somewhere within they know they are unlimited in everything they do.  Yes, within you is a treasure trove of possibility.  At crucial moments their first though isn’t “What if I fail?” Their only thought is “I have to try.”  Every historic moment, every life-defining decision revolves around that phrase; “I have to try.”  Behind everyone who has made that decision to try is an unlimited supply of knowledge, bravery and confidence.  We simply have to embrace it.

You’ll never know

Just how much latent ability you have will remain unknown until you step out on the skinny-branches.  Learning to trust your support system is a learning experience you will have to embrace.  Just as with any other skill, it has to be practiced.  That is one of the reasons I wrote the book Think, Believe, Receive, Three steps to an amazing life.  This book will help you safely explore the unlimited nature of your life.  Step by step your understanding of how and why you are unlimited is reveled.  Click on the cover below to test read the book.