Am I good enough

Our insecurities come through at the most amazing times.  This past week I attended a convention of people in the wedding industry; planners, DJ’s event site people and of course Wedding Officiants.  As an Ordained Minister it has been my honor to perform ceremonies for many, many couples over the years, yet here I was amongst scores of other Officiants wondering :”Am I good enough.”  Everyone around me seemed to have a better grasp of what was going on than I.  This gave me pause to reflect on the question of am I good enough and what place this insecurity had in my life.

Don’t be fooled

The more officiants with whom I spoke, the more it became clear to me that every single one of them, no matter how many weddings they had performed, shared the same insecurities.   I came to understand that the most vocal officiants in the group were the most insecure!  The most serene of the group also had those insecurities, but they were not allowing them to be the driving force in their lives.  This is why I say, don’t be fooled by the appearance of others.  We cannot know what is going on in their hearts or minds.

Step up to the plate

There is hardly anything we can do in life that would not beg the question “Am I Good Enough.”  As with most issues we have the question is not if we are good enough, it is how we handle the challenge.  We can let insecurities stop us in our tracks, thereby never getting better, or we can step up to the plate and try. Remember, a star baseball player gets out well over half the time and gets paid millions of dollars every month!  Step up and try, or you will always strike out.

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