From the Sanskrit, a Mantra is a short phrase that is used in certain Spiritual practices.  You might also think of it as an invocation or incantation.  Adherents repeat their mantra over and over in an attempt to connect with God or place themselves in a place of receptivity for the good they seek to embody.  To the listener these few words may sound like a chant.

It is likely you think you do not practice chanting your own mantra, but think again.  If all we need is a short phrase repeated over and over again you may have created your own version of a mantra without knowing it, and it is working!

Your words have power

Be honest and think back over the past month or so.  How many times have your said “I don’t have enough money.”  “I am too fat or too slow or too old”  This might take some deep remembering because you have said these words so often they might not even come up on your radar anymore, but the Cosmos hears them even if you do not.  As I describe in my book Think, Believe, Receive, the Cosmos not only hears your repeated utterances, it acts upon them!  Every word you say is like a prayer, so what are your praying to have?  In my first example, you are praying to have not enough money.  In the second example your mantra is you are too fat.  You are affirming something you really don’t want to experience; you are making it more real and more present in your life.  That is the power of your words in action.

You can change

The first step in changing your poverty, weight, physical condition or limitations is to realize what you are doing to yourself.  Take a moment and think about what your mantra is and if you want to change it.  Read my book and change your life!