I see you

Connecting with people requires us to go far beyond simply seeing that there is a person in front of us.  In the movie Avatar “I see you” was the greeting the People used with each other.  Think about that; when you look at another person do you actually see them, or their appearance?  

Appearances are misleading

There is no way connecting with others is enhanced when we are mislead by their appearance or title.  What are we connecting with when we evaluate others by their job?  No matter what a person is wearing, the person is still beneath those clothes, yet we allow ourselves to be mislead by designer labels.  Take the time to find out who is behind that title, who is wearing those clothes.  Once we get past the veil of appearance we can truly get to the place where we can say “I see you.”

More than visual

To see another person, truly see them, is to meet a person.  That is the power in the People’s greeting; I see you.  I see beyond your accomplishments, I see beyond your color, height, weight and size.  I am looking into your energy and recognizing that you, as I am, a magnificent creation of the Cosmos.  I understand you have your place here and it is honored.  I do not place you above me, nor I below you.  This cannot be done when we limit our approach to another person to our visual perspective.

Friends in the strangest places!

I promise that when you begin thinking “I See You” your relationships will evolve.  You will meet friends in the strangest places because your first thought is not judgement, it is oneness.  

Read about it

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