Worry, worry, worry

We worry, oh yes we do!  What will others think, what will others do, what will I do, what if this doesn’t work!  One the things we as humans do best is to worry.  Some people actually define their lives by how much worry they do.  If they do not do enough, they feel they just don’t care about the subject.  Know anyone like that?

The high cost of worry

Even for those who live their life afraid of what others will say, do or think, worry takes a huge toll on our mental well being.  We develop a low grade anxiety about virtually everything in our lives.  It becomes a habit, even when we are confident about what we are doing. Probably the most easily identified physical result is the ever-popular ulcer.  It also manifest on a physiological level; low self esteem.  As far as productivity; worry can become a paralyzing experience that will prevent us from doing even the things we like to do.  This becomes a serious quality of life issue.

What do I get in return?

All that back and forth gives us nothing in return.  It is well and right to look at what we are doing and double-check our accuracy, and attention to detail.  We want to make certain we are bringing the very best we have to each and every project we undertake.  Once we have achieved these goals, that should be the end of the question.  When we submit our work, when the project is implemented; the event underway we want to separate ourselves personally for what is going on and recognize it as a remote project.  If someone in charge is unhappy with what is happening, adjustments can be made, but they are made to the event or project, not as a reflection ourselves.

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