Those darned resolutions

Over the years I have watched with joy the influx of people just after the new year to the Gym where I work out.  Most come for a week, some stay for a month, but far and away the greatest number of people give up on their resolution of getting in shape, or shedding those Christmas pounds quickly and fall back into their old patterns.  What is left behind is an unspoken feeling of failure; failure to complete a task, failure to achieve a goal.  This unspoken feeling, often an unrecognized feeling, then begins to pervade our entire being, eroding our sense of well being and happiness.

If you choose to make a New Years resolution, please make that resolution in the most loving way you can towards yourself.  

If you goal is to get in shape and you go to the gym for a week then life gets busy around you remember, if you fail today, there is always tomorrow, you can go back to the gym and pick up where you left off no matter what the calendar says.  If your resolution is to be nicer to people and by January 3 you are jumping down someones throat, you can still pick up the pieces and be that nicer person.

Setting ourselves up for failure is one of the things we do without even being aware we are doing it, and that feeling of failure takes its toll on our well being.  If you resolve to quit being part of the gossip cycle, then find yourself chattering away about someone else, simply smile at yourself and remember old habits can be difficult to change, but they can be changed if we do not limit ourselves to changing our ways based on the turn of a calendar page.  Change can begin anytime you set your mind to changing.  Don’t fall prey to those darned resolutions!   

The Involved Observer