No, nothing glib in this blog, suicide is a very serious experience in so many lives.  For the person who finds themselves sitting at the precipice of life or suicide the world is a very empty place.   This person believes the world will be better off with out them, and that further more, no one will care if they leave this plane; yet once the deed is done I often hear from friends and family how much love there was available for that person.  It is my belief that suicide, in most cases, is the result of a failure to communicate what we all want; love.

This communication can be a two way street, the lonely one could find a place within where they could ask for the life preserver of a simple I Love You, or You Are Loved, and the people around them must be willing and open to sharing a simple I Love You.  But how do we know to whom we offer this simple phrase and possibly save a life?  The answer is; offer that I Love You to every one because we can not tell from the outside who is on the verge of ending their life.  Even those who are not on the edge want to hear those simple words, they want to feel that tender touch.

There is no more powerful force on this planet than Love, and Love is the Divine speaking through us.  Because the source of this Love is inexhaustible, and everyone on this planet is hungry to hear and feel love, might I suggest you devote a portion of today to sharing some love, even if it is as simple as extending a greeting hug a moment or two longer, or giving a little extra time with a handshake?  

Think Believe Receive