If I let go

What would it look like if you just let go?  Just let go of your expectations about how things should work, who should be in charge, when something is supposed to happen.  What if you let go of trying to make things happen, and instead simply get a goal in mind, then trust that the right and perfect things will happen at the right and perfect time?  Do you have a fear that if you do so you might no longer have an identity?

I have to laugh at myself because just an hour ago I was getting all sideways about concluding a business transaction at a specific time.  Fortunately for me I have a wonderful being with me who, with just a tender touch reminded me that trying to control others is a waste of time and energy.  Getting sideways about an issue does not make the outcome arrive any sooner, and in fact might instead delay the conclusion of the transaction.

What I got to do at that moment was to breath, simply take a deep breath and let the tension of the moment release; what a wonderful experience, and you know what?  I still have an identity, the work still needs to be done, and all I did was to put stress on myself.  In seeking to live a joyful life, creating stress in my own life is counter productive. There is a word for this way of living; surrender.  It is word fraught with uncertainty at times, but when we step back and remember we are totally supported, guided and protected by the Universe all the time, surrender no longer holds any fear for us, when we take the time to remember this truth.

The next time you are invited to get sideways with yourself, or others, ask yourself; What if I let go?                               

The Involved Observer                                                                    Think Believe Receive