Whose path is this?

I loved my mother and father, and they loved me, for that I am grateful.  Yet I often wonder these decades since they left this planet  what they would think of the path I am walking in my life right now.  The simple truth is that it does not matter how they would be viewing my path today if they were here, because my path is my path, just as your path is your path.

We all would like to have the support of our loved ones for what we are doing, but at times that is simply not possible, and yet we must hold to our own vision, listen to the guidance which speaks so clearly within us to find what is the right and perfect path for us.  Many will offer their generous input as to what our choices should be, (we bless them for their caring) but we cannot walk anyone elses path,  nor they walk ours. Sometimes this is a lonely journey, to be sure, sometimes it takes every bit of resolve we can muster to keep walking that path; and yet deep within we simply know we must.  

What is this path of which I speak?  It may be the path of our choice of jobs, the choice of our partner, our mode of transportation, our spiritual paths even our sexual orientation.  

What may appear to be a dead end might actually the the hidden on-ramp to the freeway.  What might appear to be a side trip might in the end become our path to happiness, it is so hard to tell from where we are right now.  What I know from performing so many memorial services is that the people who seem to have the most loved ones are those who followed their path and lived that path proudly.  

The Involved Observer