I can’t do it!

No one on this entire planet can keep us from doing anything we choose, except ourselves.  And, we are sooooo good at keeping ourselves from achieving our goals with two very small words; I Can’t. Once we utter those words we are done.

More often than not what we are really saying is “I won’t.”  I won’t try, I won’t find a way, I won’t give myself a chance.  You see, once we put into consciousness an idea or a goal, the entire Universe conspires to see to our success.  Especially in this age of computer communication, the opportunity to find ways to reach our goals and our dreams come to us in some of the most wonderful ways.  A blog like this might appear, a forwarded message contains critical information which can free us up to achieve.  But there is this big fat “I can’t” or “I won’t” blinding us to the good which is tapping, knocking, even pounding on our door.

Just today I actually found myself getting sideways because I was trying to do one job, but the cell kept ringing with calls from people wanting me to do other jobs.  Now, I have placed into consciousness the thought that I want to be financially independent, and the Universe was clearly delivering the opportunity, but what did I find myself saying to several callers?  That’s right, “I can’t” get to that job, give it to someone else.  Sounds kind of silly doesn’t it?  Yet we do the same thing time and again; ask for something, and when it arrives we say “I can’t do it!”  This applies to work, it applies to supporting our friends, it applies to making new connections, the list goes on and on.

Yes you can do it, if you truly want to do it.   Allow yourself to succeed.   

The Involved Observer