What is your resistance?

Want to see resistance pop up around you very quickly? Introduce change to your workplace. When what we believe comes up against a new way of believing, or just a new way of being, resistance is a very common result.  And it is not restricted to our workplace; resistance comes about with the PTA, the Church, the Youth Sports center; there is no limit to where resistance will pop up.  Even amongst the most educated people in the world there is resistance to change.

This last week scientists announced the recording of two black holes colliding, most likely ending the existence of both of them.  The event is actually available through  social media, with the high C note ending suddenly.  Now one would think that with this all documented so clearly there would be agreement about some part of the conclusions but once again, beliefs which have been held for hundreds of years must now be put to the wayside, and they won’t go quietly.

On one hand we have blinding dogma, on the other hand we have the possibility that everything we believe about the Universe has shifted a little, opening us to new beliefs.  Embracing a new belief system is not easy, it can be a challenge, but all the resistance in the world does not change fact, it only provides for the starting place of arguments.

When you feel an argument building, take a step back within your mind as ask yourself; where is my resistance?  Is it resistance to the change or resistance to being asked to believe something new?  Only when you have done this process,  can you enter into a meaningful discussion.   

Resistance is neither good nor bad, it happens.  The important thing is asking yourself “where is my resistance?”  

The Involved Observer