Explain God

How to explain God.  Theologians have been attempting to do this since the dawn of time (see my book Think, Believe, Receive) with varying degrees of success. To attempt to do so in 300 words is a fools errand.   There is no explaining God. Even the concept has sent armies to war countless times. […]

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Setting your goals

What are your goals for 2018?  Have you set your goals on becoming a better leader?  Will you become a more effective supporter?  Will you organize gatherings that will impact the world?  Is your goal to be a more active member of the chorus?  Every role has an important impact on our world.  What good

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How Is It?

How is it that we can grow if we are glued to what has been?  How is it we can love an support another person if we insist they remain the same?  How is it we can expect to achieve our goals without changing who we are? OK, trick question.  We cannot grow stuck to

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You are the leaders

You, yes you are the leaders on this planet.  I make this claim because here you are, taking time to learn, to grow, to listen to other ideas which you will then merge with your own ideas to become a more effective leader.  Many who would ask us to let them be our leaders spend

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Constant and change

I recently heard some very interesting words; “The actuality of our being changes, our reality of being remains the same.” This is an concept to put into your mind and let it percolate for a while, but in the meantime let’s look at it.  As we go about our daily lives what we are doing,

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A Trickle

A drip becomes a flow, a flow becomes a creek, a creek becomes a river, a river becomes the ocean.  This is how creativity works; rarely can we step from the germ of an idea right into an ocean of reality.  There is a process to life, to expansion, to raising our consciousness, which begins

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What we become

Modern age mystic and teacher Emma Curtis Hopkins wrote “We become what we associate with.”  How powerful is this thought! Take a moment and look around your life; you will find you associate closely with those who reflect your values.  This is a little easier to identify in other people than it is in our own

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I want it all!!!

I am sorry to say, you cannot have it all. WHAT?  I can’t have it all? Strange words from a blog about possibility aren’t they?  The fact is you can not have it all because “All” has no bounds!  Remember when your idea of having it all meant having your own car, place to live

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Increase your inner world

There is pure magic in increasing your inner world, and by that I mean the part of you which is more capable of giving and receiving love, the part of you which knows you are worthy of all the good the Universe has to offer.  The magic is that the more you increase your inner world,

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Making a virtue of stubborness

Change is scary.  This is one truth we all share.  Some changes give us the same feeling as the big drop on a roller coaster, scared and thrilled at the same moment, Other changes are just plain uncomfortable.  I understand that. Some of us take great pride in remaining stuck; “My parents did it this way, it

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