What we become

Modern age mystic and teacher Emma Curtis Hopkins wrote “We become what we associate with.”  How powerful is this thought!

Take a moment and look around your life; you will find you associate closely with those who reflect your values.  This is a little easier to identify in other people than it is in our own lives, of course.  To get a good view of how this works select someone around you, but not of your peer group, and notice which whom they associate.  You will discover there is a very identifiable set of values shared by these people.  Some groups will display a lay-back attitude toward life, other groups will share a victim attitude which their group can support.  Some groups will be activity oriented, others will be work oriented.

These groups are not accidental.  We are generally attracted to others who share our view of life which is a wonderful support system.  However at some point we outgrow that group as our own values change.  If we attempt to remain with that group we will find growing tension and disassociation with its members.  When this happens we often begin to wonder what is wrong with us, or begin to believe people are against us.  In either case we become dissatisfied.  If we are unaware this growth is a natural part of life we will miss the cues that it is we who are moving forward.  We will forget to give ourselves comfort in this growth and miss out on the joy of expansion.  What a terrible waste.

Should you be finding you no longer mesh as well as you used to with your peers, become the Involved Observer and discover if it is you moving forward, or you being left behind.  In either case; living consciously is the path to true happiness.  

Check out these ideas in It’s All About Me, the Involved Observer soon. 

The Involved Observer