I love being me

If you are feeling blah about life.  If you are doubting your self-worth, if you are beginning to think “they” are right- you will never amount to anything greater than what you were, there is a simple step you can take to help break through to the new and higher level; look into the mirror this very day, look into your own eyes, and with as much conviction as you can muster say to yourself “I love being me.”

Sure, the first few time you say this to yourself you might feel quite silly.  In truth, depending upon how much you have given up on yourself, it might take dozens or dozens of dozens of times for this process to begin to feel authentic, but once it does feel authentic; once you can actually believe yourself again, the piles of doo-doo other people have laid at your doorstep, and you have willingly brought inside your own head, will begin to vaporize.  A new world will appear.

Dismiss this simple process if you like, but before you throw it away with yesterdays coffee grounds go ahead and try it for yourself.  What can it hurt?  You are alone, no one can hear you.  If you feel silly, no one else has to know.  However, if you try this and find you cannot do it, this is a clear sign you too have taken on other peoples ideas as your own.  Those ideas begin with “you are not good enough,” and expand outward.  You do not have to live this way!  

At Choiceful Living Seminars we are all about releasing other peoples control over our lives in the most loving way possible; through Conscious Living.  Once we begin to see our own worth, our limitations are doomed.

Think Believe Receive