What is “grounding”? Grounding is a process whereby your soul and your spirit are balanced.  When you are grounded life moves so much more smoothly; irritations are fewer, discord is felt less, relationships are more fulfilling and you feel you have a real place in this world. 

As with most things which have to do with our personal wellbeing there is no “right” way or “wrong” way to achieve grounding, as long as the process does no harm to others of course.

Grounding can apply to more than spiritual practices.  Your work life has a spirit and a soul, are they balanced?  Has the “process” of doing your business overcome the reason you got into that business in the first place?  That is very common.

Grounding applies to your relationships too.  We find it all too easy to get into a relationship and forget the soul of oneness which brought us together.  This does not apply just to romantic relationships either because no matter how you are relating to another person, you are having a relationship. 

Every aspect of life has the need to be grounded; has the need to step back once in a while to recall what it is that began whatever context we may be discussing.  How about the boat you had to have?  Has the boat become the boat for the boats sake or do you still feel the passion you once did?  The house, the car, the, well whatever relationship you might have; it wants to be grounded so it can grow, mature, and continue to serve everyone and everything involved.

Ground yourself; become the Involved Observer I wrote about in It’s All About Me and rediscover the passion, the purpose, the joy and the future in what you once loved so clearly.  

The Involved Observer