I want it all!!!

I am sorry to say, you cannot have it all.

WHAT?  I can’t have it all? Strange words from a blog about possibility aren’t they?  The fact is you can not have it all because “All” has no bounds!  Remember when your idea of having it all meant having your own car, place to live and your own money?  Chances are right now you have it all, but is that all enough?  Probably not, if you still think you want it all.  You see, our idea of what “all” is expands, and so does the pool of possibility which supplies us.

We can only have what we can conceive of having.  This is at one time a limiting and an unlimited concept which applies to us all.  In my book Think, Believe, Receive you will read an extensive explanation of how this works, but it is working in you right now.  If you have an idea of what new items would be included in your re-definition of “having it all” rest assured the Universe has already been working with you to achieve those ideas, yet to manifest those goals you have to do some work yourself.  Don’t be afraid of taking a risk in achieving those goals.  Breaking out of the box where you are into a more unlimited experience demands shedding what has been comfortable in order to embody your new concepts; they will not be achieved by resting on your laurels.

Here’s another factor to having it all; celebrate what you have already accomplished!  You have done some great things along the way, and you will do even greater things as long as you keep expanding your idea of what is possible.  I think you deserve a pat on the back for what you have already accomplished!

Think Believe Receive