Making a virtue of stubborness

Change is scary.  This is one truth we all share.  Some changes give us the same feeling as the big drop on a roller coaster, scared and thrilled at the same moment, Other changes are just plain uncomfortable.  I understand that.

Some of us take great pride in remaining stuck; “My parents did it this way, it was good enough for them, it’s good enough for me,” that kind of stubbornness is actually “stuckness”. Well, ignoring change is a quick path to being marginalized.  Blind obedience to what we have been taught is another quick path to the bone heap. Not only will we become marginalized, we will begin to find ourselves at war with the world, because, as I have previously written; the Universe can only move in a forward motion.  It doesn’t matter what the issue is, we are called to expand our understanding of each new day.

Now it would be silly of me to simply make these statements without offering some way to maintain our identity and to keep as much of our comfort as we can, while going through expansion.  The good news is that in both of my books, It’s All About Me, and Think, Believe, Receive I cover these topics.

If you find yourself being left out because you are left behind, wouldn’t you like to find a way to move forward without feeling you are giving up who you are?  Try these books.  You can  order through Amazon, or you can contact me directly through the web site.  Happy living!

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