Constant and change

I recently heard some very interesting words; “The actuality of our being changes, our reality of being remains the same.”

This is an concept to put into your mind and let it percolate for a while, but in the meantime let’s look at it.  As we go about our daily lives what we are doing, where we are doing it, and with whom we are doing it (the actuality) does indeed change.  Our health changes, our attitude changes, our dreams change, our location changes, but who we are is constant (our reality).  By that I mean we are all part of an interwoven fabric of consciousness.  Each of us is essential in some way to this fabric.  If this were not so why would there be so many of us?  If all that was needed for the success of the species we would not need billions of people on this planet.

Every advancement humankind has made is the result of discontent with the status quo.  Without discontent of our living spaces we would not have expanded beyond living in trees night after night.  Without discontent with the status quo there would be no medical treatment for an appendicitis.  We would simply die when it ruptures. Humankind advances only by expansion.  Even in nature a tree will not get smaller; it either grows or it dies.

Our quest for change is a constant.  Change is the Actuality of being and it remains a constant.  If anyone tries to convince you we would be better off going to a previous time, a previous way of being, no matter how exciting the idea might be to consider, ask yourself, can we turn the clock back on our lives?

Change is a constant, our reality, there is no going backwards.

The Involved Observer