How Is It?

How is it that we can grow if we are glued to what has been?  How is it we can love an support another person if we insist they remain the same?  How is it we can expect to achieve our goals without changing who we are?

OK, trick question.  We cannot grow stuck to the past, we cannot love another person fully and completely if we expect them to remain the person we first met, and we cannot achieve our goals, plans, hopes and dreams without letting go of who we are today.  But so often this is how we conduct our lives; as if there is only one way of doing something, and that one way has already been established.

When our idealized self says “That is wrong and needs to change” another side of ourselves, the side that doesn’t want to exert any real effort, replies; “That’s just the way things are.”  How is it we are going to find expansion in our lives if we hold too much to the past?  It is not possible.

How is it we can believe that excluding one race or belief from our lives will lead to peace on our planet?  How is it that we can believe that marginalizing one segment of our society to favor another will result in a better life for anyone?  How is it we can call someone our enemy, then expect cooperation from them later?

The more I think about this question “How Is It” the more enamored I become of the question.  Before making a decision or writing a finding, perhaps we need to ask ourselves “How is it this will benefit everyone” and answer the question honestly.

How is it you will employ this question?

Think Believe Receive