Month: November 2017

Stop thinking

Stop thinking!  No, not forever, just long enough to get back to living.  Living is when we stop thinking about all we do not have, and relax into all that we do have.  When we can take pleasure in gazing at the stars and experiencing  the Unlimited rather than focusing on the inconvenience of finding …

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Last Chance!

This is your last chance to reserve your space at Love, Ascension and Beyond in Sedona February 9, 10 &11 and qualify for our fabulous prizes for being among our early bird registrations.  Don’t miss this window of opportunity, you only have until Friday!  Early bird registration continues through December, but the prizes will not.

The call upward

  We plan our days, we live in the now, we take responsibility for all we do and say (or don’t do and don’t say.)  In short, we do our best to do our best.  Then something happens; we watch a movie, we hear a song, perhaps we hear a remark in passing, then suddenly …

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Step One

The most delightful quest, or a trip to the supermarket, begins with step one.  It begins right now, not a week from now, not when things seem perfect, right now. Step one begins with the recognition that something is possible.  You see, just thinking about doing something is the beginning of the journey.  We make …

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Well, another Turkey Day is come and gone, now it is time for hard-core shopping for some of us.  But hold on here.  Yesterday was a day set aside to give thanks for all we have, did you take time to really think about that concept?  The concept of gratitude?  Maybe you did think about …

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Anger is fear turned inside out.  Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with feeling anger, until anger overtakes our well-being.  Anger has the potential of literally eating us up from the inside out.  Anger has been linked to many diseases, anti-social behavior, and self destructive actions. Anger, when properly channeled and recognized for what it …

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Holding hands

As the social creatures we are, it is important to remember 1) that your are divinely created 2) so is everyone else.  Sometimes the very power that comes with being divinely created can be overwhelming, too grand, too much to handle.  This is the time to take someone else’s hand.  There is something about the …

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Who am I?

Who are you?  You are a unique individual who is doing the very best you can at this very moment.  You bring to this planet skills, ideas and possibilities no one has ever brought, and no one else will ever bring.  I guess that makes you pretty special, doesn’t it!   The biggest challenge we …

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Ascend with us!

Now is the perfect time to reserve your seat in the most remarkable and life-changing weekend you may ever have.  Join us in Sedona, Arizona in February for Love, Ascension and Beyond.  Just three days and your view of the world (and beyond) will change dramatically.  Four great presenters, dozens of topics and you the …

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How’s your money?

How is your money?  This is a really important question, especially at this time of year.  We want to give, we want to gift, and the invitation to spend money gets stronger and clearer every day.  That’s why this is a great time to ask “How’s my money?” How we look at our money is …

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