Stop thinking

Stop thinking!  No, not forever, just long enough to get back to living.  Living is when we stop thinking about all we do not have, and relax into all that we do have.  When we can take pleasure in gazing at the stars and experiencing  the Unlimited rather than focusing on the inconvenience of finding the house door in the dark.  Living is when we stop worrying first about what people will think of us rather than being who we are.  When we stop thinking, we no longer have to look to others for approval or self worth, and begin appreciating who and what we are.

Our human thoughts will tell us we have limitations.  Stop thinking.  Our human limitations put us in boxes where it is safe and cozy, even if they are uncomfortable.    Those dreams we had as children about doing wonderful things, making discoveries, exploring the unknown, were all crushed by our adult thinking.  Stop it!  Stop thinking!

To stop thinking means we spend a whole lot less time telling ourselves why we can’t, and a whole lot more time realizing we can.  We remember what it is to dream.  The beliefs of others no longer have to supersede our own beliefs once we stop thinking others are the key to our happiness and success.  Somewhere along the line we made an agreement that to be happy we had to live by what we thought were other people’s rules.  Has that worked for you?  Stop thinking and begin doing.  Begin being.  Live guided by love and oneness, that is what the season we have just begun celebrating is all about.

I have the perfect example of one woman who has done just that; Terrie Symons; Lady Ashtar.  If you want a perfect example of someone who lives this credo read The Lady Ashtar Story.  Get it at