Who am I?

Who are you?  You are a unique individual who is doing the very best you can at this very moment.  You bring to this planet skills, ideas and possibilities no one has ever brought, and no one else will ever bring.  I guess that makes you pretty special, doesn’t it!  

The biggest challenge we face is not being magnificent, you are already that, the biggest challenge is hiding our light by equating our self worth and importance with the things around us.  We will find it difficult to realize how very important to this planet we are if we get caught up in defining ourselves by our relationships.  The wonder of our beings will get lost if we believe it is our job that gives us credibility.  Relationships change, jobs change, but you are still magnificent!  Where we were born or what our background is, these are distractions to being who we were meant to be.  When you walk into a room full of strangers they know nothing about your past, they will assess you based upon what you are presenting at the moment.  If you insist upon selling yourself short because of any of the stuff from your past, that is how you will be seen.

Regardless of what you have been, where you are from, how much you currently earn, each moment is a new moment.  Take what you may think of as shortcomings and “spin” them into your strengths;  if you were born poor, you have a great ability to understand the needs of poor people.  If you have had many low paying jobs, you also have drive and determination.  You get to define who you are, and the more you realize you have skills no one else has, the more powerful you are.

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