Holding hands

As the social creatures we are, it is important to remember 1) that your are divinely created 2) so is everyone else.  Sometimes the very power that comes with being divinely created can be overwhelming, too grand, too much to handle.  This is the time to take someone else’s hand.  There is something about the experience of the touch of another person, or even a pet, that grounds us.  This touch lets us know we are not alone in this power.  We get to re-discover the powerful beings we are.  Seeking grounding from another person, or even an animal is anything but weakness, it is power!

Weak people try to “Drive the bus” by themselves.  They are afraid to reach out and discover the power they have within.  I speak of the power within that comes with knowing you are not alone.  The power that comes with embracing community.  The power that comes with knowing we are all connected.  When we allow this grounding we realize we no longer have to drive the bus ourselves.  That alone is empowering.

In our current times reaching out and holding someone’s hand without their permission is inadvisable, so please, be certain the other person is open to discovering how powerful they are before grabbing them.  As Marianne Williamson reminds us that it is not our weakness that scares us, it is our power.  Please do not make the mistake of forcing someone else to embrace just how powerful they are.

When we hold someone else’s hand as we cross the street to the playground of life, the playground is simply more fun.

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The Involved Observer