Anger is fear turned inside out.  Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with feeling anger, until anger overtakes our well-being.  Anger has the potential of literally eating us up from the inside out.  Anger has been linked to many diseases, anti-social behavior, and self destructive actions.

Anger, when properly channeled and recognized for what it is; fear turned inside out, can be a very powerful motivation for change.  Once we identify the root of the anger (and a little hint here, anger is an inside job) we then have a tool to release the anger in a positive manner.  And here is another essential understanding; to make a change in our lives we must first want to make a change.  Healing, like anger, is an inside job.

As amazing as it may seem, there are people who think that without anger they would have no identity!  We have made anger an iconic theme of movies, television, songs and plays for as long as we have been on this planet.   Teenaged angst is dismissed as a normal part of life which we usually outgrow, but think for a moment about the damage this anger is doing to the individual.  Rather than dismissing anger at any age as normal, let’s look at what anger  truly is; a fear.  Once we understand that the angry person is simply responding to a fear, we can help them get to the root of that fear.

In my book It’s All About Me I write about a friend of mine, Jeb, who got angry at his boss regularly.  Once we discussed the root of his anger Jeb was able to see the anger (fear) was self created, and he chose to release that fear for a happier life.

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