Well, another Turkey Day is come and gone, now it is time for hard-core shopping for some of us.  But hold on here.  Yesterday was a day set aside to give thanks for all we have, did you take time to really think about that concept?  The concept of gratitude?  Maybe you did think about saying words to express thanks for the gifts you have received, but today the only thing you are grateful for is the web site you want having the deal you are looking for, or maybe you are grateful because the line isn’t too long.  

Well you know what, that is ok too.  You see, gratitude is something we want to practice in every aspect of our lives, even shopping.  Gratitude is not something we have to reserve only for those things we consider spiritual, gratitude is gratitude.  The same principles and results come from being grateful for a short line, good cashier, or fast website as being grateful for our family, friends and personal bounty.

When we recognize good in our lives and say thank you, we are doing a spiritual practice even if we do not realize it.  We do not have to say thank you to any one or anything in particular for getting the “door buster special.”  As long as we recognize good has happened in our lives and acknowledge that good, we are invoking the same rewards.  Saying thank you is not directed at any particular aspect of the Universe, saying thank you opens the gates to even more good in our lives.  The Universe will not withhold more good in our lives if we forget once in a while to say thank you, but let me assure you, as we become aware of just how much good is already in our lives, the more good there will be.

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