Step One

The most delightful quest, or a trip to the supermarket, begins with step one.  It begins right now, not a week from now, not when things seem perfect, right now. Step one begins with the recognition that something is possible.  You see, just thinking about doing something is the beginning of the journey.  We make far too much out of the whole deal when we believe we have to know exactly where, how, when and what to wear on our journey.  These details become excuses not to take step two.  The perfect moment to start seldom seems perfect at the beginning.

After step one comes a countless number of steps, and each of them is another step one.  Each time we take a step one-be that of simply thinking of doing something, or taking a physical step, our horizon automatically expands, what is possible expands.  You don’t have to intellectualize this process, you simply have to keep moving toward your destination.  Try it yourself; right now, right where you are, think about what you would like to be doing.  Get it firmly in your mind.  Now, before the television grabs hold of you, or the dishes call out to be washed, do something, anything toward that goal.  There now, you have taken step one, and step one again. Congratulations!  Did your perspective about your goal change?  If you have truly taken that step, it has to have changed.  

This is how things are achieved and you are now an active participant.  Enjoy your journey.

If you want an example of how taking the smallest step can lead you to places you never imagined going, read The Lady Ashtar Story, you can get a copy at and follow my beautiful bride as she takes step one countless times.