The call upward

  We plan our days, we live in the now, we take responsibility for all we do and say (or don’t do and don’t say.)  In short, we do our best to do our best.  Then something happens; we watch a movie, we hear a song, perhaps we hear a remark in passing, then suddenly we realize that somewhere along the way we have stopped doing our very best.  We have allowed ourselves to fall into a routine, even if that routine is very busy and productive.  We get the call upward.  The call that says “No matter how much you have been doing, it is time to rise up to the next level.

From personal experience I can tell you this call can feel like being told “You have been slacking-off you lazy so and so.”  The perfectly understandable response to this message sounds something like “but, but, but, you don’t understand how hard I have been trying!”  And therein lives the insight to the call.  We have been trying.  True faith, true understanding of the power (and the responsibility) vested in us a humans means we do not have to try.  We are being called to a deeper understanding that asks only that we trust; trust that we are deeply loved.  Trust that we are each the Universe expressing perfectly.  Trust means surrendering to far more than we can comprehend.  When I have stepped away from my own ego-based fears and trusted in the Universe, magical things have happened.  Yet time after time I have gone back to my own fears, I have gone back to trying to make things happen rather than allowing perfection to appear in my life.  All around me is concrete evidence that I am supported in all ways.  It is time to stop driving the bus (again) and trusting my highest and best good is mine for the taking.  Won’t you join me?  When it comes to you, accept the call upward.

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