How’s your money?

How is your money?  This is a really important question, especially at this time of year.  We want to give, we want to gift, and the invitation to spend money gets stronger and clearer every day.  That’s why this is a great time to ask “How’s my money?”

How we look at our money is critical to our well being.  Is money how we define our personal value?  Or is money a tool to serve us?  Money, as we know it, is not even a real thing anymore.  It is an idea.  More importantly, money is energy represented by currency.  Money is not us.  How we view money is not only reflected by our use of currency, it shows up in all aspects of our lives.  If we feel we are short on money, we may also think we are short on time.  If we feel short on money we may also feel short on love.  If we are short on money we may also realize we are short on patience.  The truth is, money is a way to purchase stuff, but it also reflects how we feel about the rest of our life too.

We have all seen people who have far less money than ourselves, and they seem so darn happy!  How can they be so happy if they don’t have money?  Because circumstances have invited these people to find joy on a totally different scale.  Now, I like the feeling of having money I can spend freely, but I am also working on finding some of that joy people with less seem to have, how about you?  How’s your money?

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