Perfection is a simple word, but a concept of many dimensions.  On one level we are all created in a state of perfection; each unique and wonderful.  Each essential to the planet for one reason or another.  You are the perfect you.  Perfection is also as good as things get, yet we know that when […]

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Genius is not something bestowed upon one person and one person only.  Genius is not something bestowed upon two people, or a thousand people; genius is all around us.  In truth, each of us has a genius within us, we simply convince ourselves genius has skipped over us.  We become self-limiting, and this self limitation

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I checked, and the word Comfortability is not yet in Websters Dictionary, but it should be!  Comfortability is the ability to take comfort in your life; to take comfort in love; take comfort in who you are.   Have you felt comfortability in your life lately or have you been too busy being what and

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I can’t do it!

No one on this entire planet can keep us from doing anything we choose, except ourselves.  And, we are sooooo good at keeping ourselves from achieving our goals with two very small words; I Can’t. Once we utter those words we are done. More often than not what we are really saying is “I won’t.”  I

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Messages of Love

Is there anything more wonderful in our lives than love?  Is there anything more difficult in our lives than love?  Love is one of the most difficult of emotions/experiences we humans have, for the simple reason that we tend to overthink the whole thing and miss the point. Love can be an experience; by this

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Follow the trail

When we find ourselves upset, angry or just pissed-off at someone or something it is very rarely about that person or thing.  It is most often simply the most recent out-picturing of a long trail which began sometime in our past.  The really wonderful thing about this anger or upset is once we recognize what we are

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I’m only Human

As we walk our path to IN-powerment we do so much wonderful work; we release others from responsibility for our experiences, we forgive others and ourselves for “missing the mark”, we reduce or eliminate the need to gossip, and we see the world through new eyes as being unlimited possibility.  Sometimes we fall short of

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