Genius is not something bestowed upon one person and one person only.  Genius is not something bestowed upon two people, or a thousand people; genius is all around us.  In truth, each of us has a genius within us, we simply convince ourselves genius has skipped over us.  We become self-limiting, and this self limitation becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.  The secret to genius is to allow ourselves to let it come to the surface.

Expressing genius is simple; think about a genius as a towel that lies deep within each of us; if we grasp one thread of that towel we begin to tap into our own genius.  When we continue to pull on that thread we find genius continues to unfold and become clearer.  The really cool thing about this thread is that there is no end; we can continue to pull on that genius; inviting it to revel itself as long as we live.  

Almost certainly you have, yourself, plucked at the thread of genius in your own life, and almost as certainly, you have amazed yourself, but instead of continuing to pull that thread to see what else might be reveled, you stopped pulling.  Maybe it scared you to find out how wonderful you really are; maybe you got lazy, maybe you started to believe the old stories about yourself being limited, but you stopped pulling that thread.  It is time to begin tugging on that string again and finding out how truly wonderful you are.  And don’t worry, that string is far longer than you can even imagine.

The Involved Observer