And I Didn’t Even Know

We can take pleasure from things close to us, even certain experiences.  Take for instance the pleasure you get from seeing a child smile.  There is nothing artificial about a childs smile, so it rings in our hearts clearly.  We can recognize this reaction in ourselves, but too often we do not recognize that someone we don’t know; someone we have never met, might also be feeling exactly the same thing we are feeling at that very moment.  Love is everywhere, and I Didn’t Even Know.

You, like me, might find great joy in feeling the joy of Spirit, God, Jesus, All There Is, filling us.  How much time have you spent thinking that someone else, who has a different skin color or home of origin might also be feeling the same thing?  All we can say is “I Didn’t Even Know.”

I Didn’t Even Know is the reason we think of others as THE ENEMY, because we have not taken the time to realize that no matter where they are from, no matter what faith they have, no matter that they may look differently than ourselves they are feeling the same things we are feeling, and I Didn’t Even Know.

There is only one true motivating factor on this planet; even though it is often hidden behind excuses, and that is Love.  We all want love, we all need love, heck, even our plants grow better when they are loved, but how easy it is to overlook the fact that behind every action there is a call to be loved; no matter how anti-social that action might be.

I Didn’t Even Know is, at heart, an untruth; we simply forgot to listen to what we truly know; Love is all there is.  It is, after all, All About Me.

The Involved Observer