Creative Beings

We are all creative beings, no matter how you look at yourself, you are a creative being.  Everything about us cries out to be creative on some level or another.  This is why destruction affects us the way it does.

Destruction of buildings, habitat, relationships all affect us; for some it is a thrill, for others a profound sadness, but either way we are responding to the call within to create.  Those who take joy in destruction are acting-out the “bad boy or bad girl” within, those who see sadness in destruction are feeling the cry of loss which results when the call to create is violated.

When we work–we are creating, even if it seems we are creating the same thing over and over again.  When we have down-time we often seek to fill our time with hobbies; gardening, carpentry, quilting, even rebuilding old cars or houses is the expression of the creative beings we are.

Creation is never backwards.  Creation never seeks to live in a past that probably never was, at best this is re-creation, and we have written many times in these blogs about our memory being imperfect, even misleading.  It is the imperative of humans to explore new areas, to learn more, to experience more.  This is not to say creation is always comfortable; creation means giving up the known and stepping into the unknown, yet we are still called to create.  

So when you feel the urge to repaint the master bedroom, wax the car, write a book or short story, even wash the dishes or do the laundry, you are responding to the call of your creative nature because you are a Creative Being.

Think Believe Receive