I Am Still Looking

Have you spent years listening for that small still voice in your self that will confirm for you that you are on the right path?  Are you getting frustrated that there has been no burning bush or pillar of fire as a signpost on your path?

Good news!  For most of us there will never been a burning bush, nor a pillar of fire, nor blinding flash as confirmation that you have found the right and perfect path for you; but one thing is for certain, you will feel it!  I am not speaking of the ability to parrot some outside teachers words to attain that feeling, I am not speaking of the ability to sit in a certain position and make certain sounds, I am speaking of the confirmation that comes when you know that everything you see is part of you, and you are part of it.

As long as we insist on there being one way, and one way only, to achieve peace in our hearts, minds and souls, all we can say is that “I am still looking.”  Oneness is the theme of every major religion and spiritual path on the planet because only through oneness will we be able to truly “love thy neighbor as thy self” or which ever verse you want to apply.  

Oneness in the world eliminates war, eliminates famine, lack and fear.  This is not beyond possible, it is not a pipe dream.  The whole world does not have to follow in your footsteps even.  This is your journey, your journey to enlightenment and you will do it your way, or you can say “I am still looking,”

Think Believe Receive