What is your limitation?

I don’t have any limitations, you say.  I am unlimited in all things.  Yes, yes you are unlimited in all things, and when we get to the point in our evolution where we have embodied this truth to the fullest extent possible we will indeed have not limitations.  Right now, however, no matter how evolved we may be we run into our blocks frequently. The block might appear as becoming uncomfortable with how someone else is behaving in a public place, it may appear as frustration with how traffic is moving, it my look like judgment about how we perceive another is doing business, but they are all representations of places where we have limited ourselves.

For every limitation you experience, that I experience, the right and perfect response is “thank you!”  Why thank you?  Because every time one of these things jumps up and smacks us in our face we are being given the opportunity to evolve to the next level, no matter of where we are now, there is always another level to embrace.

Right now I give thanks for the opportunity to release judgment around the guy who is using too loud a voice in this restaurant, thank you for the opportunity to release my quest to conform as I watch that wonderful man go into the ocean with his overcoat on because he wants to.  Right now I give thanks for the people so engrossed with living life they walk in front of me as they remind me not to take life so personally.  Every one of these experiences is helping me to release limitations in my life, thank you!  Because no matter what is done or said, how I take it is All About Me!

The Involved Observer