As the old saying goes; when everyone is out to get you paranoia is just common sense.  Paranoia can be very destructive in our lives, causing us to question everyone and every thing leaving us no safe place to rest our minds.  Now, if you can get your mind around the idea that everyone is out to cause you harm, perhaps you can find a way to flip that thought; what if everyone was out to help you?

Universally speaking this is exactly what is happening; the Universe, God, First Cause, All There Is, is out to help you realize every dream, every aspiration, every goal you have ever had.  Not only is it out to do this, it (they) are doing it right now, right this very moment.  Become aware today as you move around.  If you have asked for someone to help you understand a problem you are having, listen, someone is there with the answer you seek; it may be a physical person, it may come as an inspiration, but the answer is there.

The most important thing for us to do is to be aware that our prayers have been answered, and answered even more fully and completely than we could have imagined.  In my book Think, Believe, Receive I explain how this is working all the time; we simply do not allow room in our lives to see, hear or experience what we have asked to see, hear or experience. 

Right now I am working with a woman who complains about her work, even though her constantly restated requests are for exactly the work she is doing.  This is a very curious thing to watch let alone experience.

I encourage you to become paranoid; paranoid that the Universe is conspiring for your happiness in every way.

Think Believe Receive