I am sitting outside a Starbucks in Kunatachi, Japan right now.  All around me are the famous Cherry trees of Japan coming into bloom.  Tourists and locals alike are snapping photos of the blossoms, the air is redolent with their soft fragrance.  In a few days there will be a rain and most of these beautiful blossoms will litter the streets and walkways.  For some this change will be a hassle, for some a beautiful carpet of pink and white, but the change will come either way.

Our personal changes are just the same; for some those changes will be a hassle because they will find we can no longer be controlled as we have in the past.  For others this change will be viewed as a beautiful carpet leading to bigger and more profound experiences.  What we cannot be concerned about is how others will embrace (or not embrace) our changes.  

Change is inevitable but it must, by Universal Law, be change leading us forward.  Changes that keep us in place or changes that lead us back to the past cannot be sustained, they only create discomfort in our lives.  I have witnessed many people who embark on a deepening spiritual path only to discover that taking responsibility for ones actions is something they do not want to do, so they attempt to go back to a path where someone else becomes responsible for cleaning up our stuff.  Please hear me, this does not work.  Once we have tasted the joy and peace which comes with feeling the true oneness of the Universe in all it’s manifestations, trying to go back to “us and them,” attempting to turn our backs on what we have learned takes more energy than moving forward.

There is no future in the past.

Think Believe Receive